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Christmas Tree Singapore are the experts in delivering to you amazing and top quality artificial Christmas Trees, Christmas Ornaments, and Christmas Decorations at the greatest value. We have trees that range from the favourite traditional designs to those that are hyper realistic.

At Christmas Tree Singapore, we are extremely delighted to be able to play a small role in making your Christmas a magical one. These Christmas Trees have the stunning ability to transform the atmosphere in your home to become a Christmas wonderland!

As most people only hunt for such supplies once a year, we have prepared a set of frequently asked questions that may aid you in your process to manufacture your Christmas Wonderland!

YES! We offer free delivery for all purchases above S$50.00. For orders below S$50.00, delivery is charged at S$12.00 per order or check out. We offer 2 time slots for delivery, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. We do not deliver on Christmas Day! If you wish to receive your tree at a more specific timing, you may do so via self-collection at our office located at 39 Jln Pemimpin #03-04 Singapore 577182 Tai Lee Industrial Building.

  • What are the differences among all 4 types of Christmas Trees from Christmas Tree Singapore?

ARIOSTEA – Premium Traditional Christmas Tree:

Very similar to the artificial Christmas Trees you see on the shelf at your departmental stores. Just that, our trees are engineered to be denser with more branches and possess very beautiful shades of green.

ARENARIA – Premium Hybrid Christmas Tree:

Has a mixture of traditional branches and fir branches. The fir branches of this tree are hyper realistic and the mixture of branches provide a very beautiful and dense look.

ABACO – Premium Pine Christmas Tree:

Possesses pine needle like leaves. Also hyper realistic, and the most easy tree to set up. A favourite ever since our launch!

ARDESIA – Premium Fir Christmas Tree:

Beautiful hyper realistic fir leaves that make many believe this is a real life tree!

  • How should I choose my tree? Are your images real? May I view the tree before purchase?

For a detailed read on how to select your tree, do check out this article, how to select your Christmas tree!

Basically, you should pic a location in your house whereby the Christmas Tree may be seen more prominently and that it is not too hidden. Take note of the height of the ground to the ceiling and provide allowance of at least 20 cm for a tree topper!

All of our images are 100% real. While the main product image is edited for the background to be as pure as possible, the subsequent images show images taken by an iPhone 6s Plus.

You may drop by to view the trees. However, the ones we have on display are all in the height of 1.5 m. We are located at Jln Pemimpin. We would strongly urge you to contact us via email at and we can snap for you photographs of our Christmas trees on the spot!

  • If trees from Christmas Tree Singapore are so premium, why are they priced so cheap and affordably?

Our Christmas Trees are German designed, but assembled in a very trusted and reliable factory in China. The technology of FirTECT ™ ensures that all trees are extremely dense and beautiful.

5.)    How should I purchase my Ornaments and Lights?

Our lights are 10 m in length. Each string of lighting is enough for a 1.5 m tree. You will need an extra set of lights for the 1.8 m version, and another additional set for the 2.1 m version. Our Christmas Tree lights are certified for use in Singapore and are certified by the necessary credentials.

6.)    Is setting up the Christmas Tree easy?

YOU BET! It is not only easy, but an amazing activity for the family. Ensure that you spread out all branches to achieve the best effect!

7.)    What is the earliest date of delivery?

For all orders, the earliest date of delivery is 1 December 2016. Due to an overwhelming response, we needed to run a new production for a new set of Christmas Trees. Christmas Tree Singapore would like to thank every single one of our customers for their loyal support!

We hope this has been super informative! Not found what you are looking for? Contact us now at!