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Guide To Creating Unique Themes For Your Christmas Tree Decorations

For those of us who have already gotten a Christmas tree and for those who are looking to get one – your work does not end there. Once you get yourself a Christmas tree, the next thing to look forward to is of course decorating it. Definitely, you can choose to take the back seat […]

Finding The Perfect Artificial Christmas Tree For Your Office


Inviting some festive vibe and Christmas feel into your office is made a lot easier today with artificial Christmas trees. A while back when artificial Christmas trees were still being introduced, they were seen as something less traditional and classic compared to real Christmas trees by some people. This opinion has however changed vastly in […]

The Professional’s Guide To Hanging Christmas Lights Safely

What can be more magical this festive season than seeing Christmas lights all around our shopping malls, homes and of course Orchard Road?? Trees and even shrubs are twinkling away as we approach December, and did we not mention about the gorgeous colours the lights are shining away in this year?   Christmas lights bring […]

The Real Story Behind All Of Our Christmas Symbols

The season of happiness and forgiveness is almost here, and slowly it comes to our memory about all the interesting traditions and symbols that are associated with Christmas. How many of us really know what they mean and symbolise? Do we know where they took their roots from? If you don’t, do not worry, as […]

A Christmas Story: the Origin of CHRISTMAS TREES

The Origin of Christmas Trees Christmas trees have been around for decades and even centuries that even our grandparents recall their great grandparents to have known about the tradition. Christmas was not the only occasion celebrated during Winter in old times – there were plenty of other Winter festivals that were conducted and the a […]

Christmas Tree Singapore is Hiring!

Christmas is slightly more than a month away and it is a busy time for Christmas Tree Singapore! Just like any other Christmas shop in Singapore or anywhere around the world, assistance will always be a great need! Read on for the following job openings that are available: 1.) Workshop Assistant It is a culture for […]

Types Of Live Christmas Trees

Designer Bauble - Chirstmas Tree Singapore -

Live Christmas Trees Singapore Christmas is around the corner and if you are planning to purchase a real tree to brighten up your house for the joyous occasion, now is the perfect time to start looking! Previously, we have you a guide on what types of artificial Christmas trees are available in the market today. […]

Top 10 Countries To Visit For Christmas

Christmas is a global festival and despite people’s religion or race, most people welcome and celebrate this holiday alongside their own heritage. This opens up plenty of options of places to visit for those keen on travelling overseas for this Christmas! Here’s our top 10 list of places you must consider going to if you […]

Perfect Gifts For Your Colleagues, Family And Friends This Holidays

It’s already November, and it is a perfect time to start your gift hunting for all your loved ones this Christmas and New Years. Finding the best gift every year is not an easy task, more so if you have plenty of people to buy presents for! One thing is spending the right amount of […]