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As the name suggests, pine cones only come from pine trees and they are food sources for squirrels and woodpeckers. Pine cones are commonly found in India, China and the States where is serves a great variety of crafting activities. These fun family activities include wreath making, crafting decors and toys. Here are 5 creative and easy ways to bring nature home for the holidays. Pine cones from Masons Home Decor

1. Painting your pine cones

painted pine cones
painted pine cones – diyprojects


Painting your pine cones is a simple yet effective way to turn this Christmas into a colorful one! These colored pine cones look amazing in a display bowl/vase. Many ways to paint your pine cones – You can paint only the tips, dip them in paint and even coat them with glitter! Painting pine cones is a great activity for families with young children. It’s simple, fun and allows creativity!

2. Framed Pine Cone Decor

Pinecone frame
Pinecone frame – craftymorning

Taking a step further from painting pine cones, you can glue these beautiful painted pine cones on a frame. These are easy to do and perfect as home decors. You may achieve a beautiful pine cone frame in 4 easy steps. All you need: Photo frame, hot glue gun or PVC white glue, pen knife (parental guidance) and colored pine cones.

Step 1: Get basic photo frames (Frames available at Masons Home Decor) and remove clear plastic layer.

Step 2: Use penknife and cut uneven parts of pine cones to ensure better placement of the cones. The pine cones can be irregular and you would want to glue some facing down to create a more organic touch to your frame.

Step 3: Use a hot glue gun or PVC glue to glue pine cones to your desired design. You may want to arrange the pine cones on the frame first before gluing them.

Step 4: Wait dry and display!

3. Bleached Pine Cone Ornaments

bleached pinecones
bleached pinecones – ehow

Pine cones are a fun and beautiful accent for Christmas decorations, and they also good on their own in a bowl or table.These cones are usually associated with fall or winter, especially when they are bleached. Bleaching gives the pine cones an aged, whitewashed patina that is works for both modern and rustic themes. Here are some of the things you need and 4 simple steps to bleach your pine cones.

  • Pine cones
  • Liquid bleach, gallon size
  • Plastic bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • Ceramic or glass plate
  • Brick (or anything dense and heavy)
  • Newspapers

Step 1: Lay newspaper on the ground in case of splashes of bleach. Place pine cones in plastic bucket. Bleach pine cones in small batches so that there’s full coverage for every cone.

Step 2: Pour bleach into plastic bucket. Please put on rubber gloves before touching bleach. It is not recommended to bleach pine cones with bare hands.

Step 3: Place ceramic/glass plate over pine cones and a piece of brick (or anything dense and heavy) to keep pine cones fully submerged under bleach. You may reuse the bleach for the next batch of pine cones.

Step 4: Leave the pine cones overnight to bleach no more than 24 hours. Retrieve the pine cones and place them on a paper towel. You will notice the pine cones have closed up. Not to worry it will open up again when it is dry. Drying the pine cones will take 1-2 weeks depending on the humidity of the atmosphere. Drying the cones outdoor will eliminate any bleach smell. You may want to add a few drops of essential oil on the cones.

4. Display your pine cones in a vase

pinecones with fairylights
pinecones with fairylights – perfectchristmas

You will never go wrong with this simple setup with just pine cones and copper fairy lights. Perfect home decor for every household.

pinecones with candle
pinecones with candle

You can paint the tips of the pine cones silver or gold for an extra touch!

5. Pine cone wreaths

pinecone wreath
pinecone wreath – doityourselfdiva

Wreaths are common Christmas decor items in a household. Crafting a pine cone wreath may seem complicated but it is actually easy to make. Wreath making is a good family activity for young children to participate. Wreaths can also be made with painted pine cones to add a colorful touch for the season. All you need is a basic skeleton of the wreath made of garden wire and piece the parts together to form your beautiful wreath!

diy pinecone wreath
diy pinecone wreath – cudedartanddesign
thank you and have fun!

We hope you enjoyed your time with us this week! Do stay tuned for more tips of home decor ideas.


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