Types Of Live Christmas Trees

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Live Christmas Trees Singapore Christmas is around the corner and if you are planning to purchase a real tree to brighten up your house for the joyous occasion, now is the perfect time to start looking! Previously, we have you a guide on what types of artificial Christmas trees are available in the market today. […]

Top 10 Countries To Visit For Christmas

Christmas is a global festival and despite people’s religion or race, most people welcome and celebrate this holiday alongside their own heritage. This opens up plenty of options of places to visit for those keen on travelling overseas for this Christmas! Here’s our top 10 list of places you must consider going to if you […]

Perfect Gifts For Your Colleagues, Family And Friends This Holidays

It’s already November, and it is a perfect time to start your gift hunting for all your loved ones this Christmas and New Years. Finding the best gift every year is not an easy task, more so if you have plenty of people to buy presents for! One thing is spending the right amount of […]

Christmas Traditions In Singapore – Is It The Same As The Rest Of The World?

The month of December screams of a festive season with a couple of holidays arriving back to back. We all know that Christmas is a shared holiday celebrated all around the world and it’s often most of our favourite time of the year! But do we all celebrate it the same way across the world? […]

Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

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Christmas is around the corner and it’s the time of the year to find the perfect Christmas tree for your house! Setting up a Christmas tree in your house is indeed the best way to bring in the holiday spirit amongst your family members.   Whilst some people prefer to have real trees, we have […]

How to Select Your Christmas Tree

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Location The first step to ensuring your family experiences a magical Christmas from home is to obviously get a Christmas Tree. But first, you need to know where would be the best location to place it! Ensure that it is going to be at the greatest focal point of your home. You would want it […]

A Study on What Singaporeans Spend for Christmas – The TOP 5 Things You Need!

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Christmas is around the corner! Apart from spending more on others in the form of presents, a survey from Floral Garage Singapore (Fig 1.0) on 200 random individuals has shown that consumers are beginning to spend a lot more on themselves! This increase in spending have been thought by us to be on expensive clothes […]