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Martha Bertinelli

Christmas Tree Designer

Explore beautiful Christmas tree decoration inspirations masterly crafted by Martha Bertinelli, renonwned Christmas tree designer. Be it the theme of luxurious or vintage, or colour theme of cool or warm, she most certainly has you covered.

What’s in ‘Sparkly Christmas’?

7 ft left
$599.00 $259.00

Alpi Star Tree-Topper (Gold or Silver)

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$29.90 $15.90

Christmas Tree Collar

Earliest Delivery: Same Day

Fiorentina Baubles – Large

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$26.90 $15.90

Suitable Corresponding Home Decor

The SparklyTheme was inspired by the Snow. We carefully picked out the ornaments to fulfil the requirements of this inspiration and we definitely are satisfied with the outcome!

The Sparkly Theme is perfect for homes that have white, metals, and greys as dominant colours. Should you floors, carpentry, walls, and even furniture, be of these colour themes, the Sparkly Theme would fit perfectly well in your home. A contemporary industrial look with concrete look tiles or concrete finishes would work perfectly well too. This theme may be cool toned, but when done right, it certainly does warm your hearts enough for Christmas.

Choice of Christmas Tree for ‘Sparkly Christmas’

We decided to use the Amazzonia Cashmere Pine for this theme. It dons a lighter shade of green, and that would work fantastically well with ornaments that or of blue, silver, and white colours. A 6, 7, or 8 feet tree is perfect for this.

The Amazzonia is also extremely dense and bushy. It looks especially beautiful when a lot of ornaments are put onto it. Whereas other trees would be more suitable with less ornaments. However, other versatile trees such as the Ariostea, Abaco, Arcadia, and Arenaria, would suit this decor theme too.

Ornaments Used

We used the following ornaments for the ‘Frozen Christmas’:



Alpi Star Tree-Topper (Gold or Silver)

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$29.90 $15.90


Optional Baubles: 


Fiorentina Baubles – Mother of Pearl

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$22.90 $12.90

Rize Bauble – Silver

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$19.90 $15.90
$39.90 $29.90

Afyon Bauble – Silver

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$18.90 $14.90

Tree Picks and Sprays:

Optional Tree Picks and Sprays:


Leah Berry Pick – White

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$8.90 $5.90

Giant Coral Spray – Green

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$9.90 $6.90

Giant Coral Spray – Blue

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$9.90 $6.90

Small Ring Flower – Silver

Earliest Delivery: Same Day
$8.90 $3.90

Christmas Lights:

Decorating Technique

  1. Coil the lights and hide them after
  2. Then begin hanging the baubles, as evenly spread out as possible.
  3. Do the same for tree picks
  4. Fit the star at the top, hide the hoop with the branches, and reinforce to the stem of the tree with a cable tie

Click here for a pictorial guide of the technique instructions above.

We also provide the service of the supply, delivery, and set up of the Sparkly Christmas Tree.

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