Step 1: Putting on the Lights

Christmas Tree LED String Lighting from Masons Home Decor are 10 metres per cable (set).

We have lights in Pure White, Warm White, Multi-Colour. Choose a colour that best suits your desired tree theme. Pure White Lights will be used in this example because our tree is having decorations of a cool theme. Warm White Lights should be used for warm theme ornaments such as gold, brown, maroon, and so on.

Here is the best gauge of how many lights you need:

  • 5 foot Christmas tree: 1 set
  • 6 foot Christmas tree: 2 sets
  • 7 foot Christmas tree: 3 sets
  • 8 foot Christmas tree: 4 sets

With the above recommendation, you can expect your lights to be coiled around the surface of the tree, with each bulb being approximately 10 cm from each other. Feel free to add more lights if you wish to have more, or, wish to have an effect of depth whereby some cables can be shoved deeper into the tree.

Coiling the Lights Around the Tree

Start by connecting the LED lights into your power source and keep it turned off for safety purposes. From the bottom, start coiling till you reach the top.

Extending Your Cable of Lights

Each set of string lights come with a connectable plug that allows you to connect one set of string lights to another for a longer flow of lights. Should you require a longer length, for example, 30 metres, simple connect 3 sets together.

Concealing of Wires

For a neater tree, conceal the string lights in the branches, after you have completed circling the lights round the entire tree from bottom to top.. This is also important for families with pets or young children. We wouldn’t want them to trip on the tree!

Step 2: Putting on Christmas Tree Baubles

Baubles are typically balls (but can be in any other shape or form such as a snowflake) with loops.

Start with Main/Base Baubles

Main baubles, or base baubles, are baubles that are homogenous in design and colour. They fill the base of the tree with a set of ornaments. In this example, the base colours would be silver and blue. Hang them consistently around the tree, but still leaving space for other decorative items later on.

Masons home decor

This is how the tree should look when you are done hanging your base baubles.

Masons home decor

After which, you may include other accent baubles such as those with design, different colour tone, or shapes.

Step 3: Inserting Tree Picks or Sprays

Christmas tree picks and sprays are ornaments that you can stick into, or shove into your Christmas tree.

Start Inserting!

Pick a few designs. One is fine. We feel that more is merrier, so we usually select 3 to 4 types of tree picks of the same colour theme as the baubles.

This is how your tree should look like after you have inserted all the tree picks and tree sprays!

Step 4: Putting on the Christmas Tree Collar (Optional)

A Christmas tree collar is a decorative item that hides the iron stand of an artificial Christmas tree. It makes the tree look like its potted.

Fitting the Pieces Together

There are four parts to a collar. Simply hook them together while at the base of the tree. Centralise it so it would look nothing short of perfect.

Step 5: Putting on the Star

The Same Way as a Real Life Tree

We never ever want the base (or hoop) of the star to be visible. Simply place the star right at the top, resting it on the branches of the tree. Then, shift the branches a little to hide the stand. The star should look like it is resting there. You may use a metal wire or cable tie to permanently attach the star to the top of the tree. Children may shake the tree, and you would not want the sharp points of the star to fall directly onto their head or face.

And We’re Done!

You should end of with having a magical looking Christmas tree. Get ready for the compliments and selfies.. They’re going to be aplenty!