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Steeltech Table Lamp - Masons Home Decor


Steeltech Table Lamp

Lighting is needed in every home, especially if we are talking about a work desk. A table lamp provides us the capacity to continue with a work activity without turning all the lights on. Steeltech however, effectively contributes to the overall home decor of your space!

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Grandeur Floor Lamp - Masons Home Decor


Grandeur Floor Lamp

Do you own a showroom? Or do you simply want to provide a certain object with more attention? At only S$99.90 inclusive of an MR 16 LED Lamp, the Grandeur is able to not only get the job done in the greatest of styles, but in an energy efficient manner too. 

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Making the LED Switch

Did you know that LED can shine for over 20 years, and is currently the most economical choice when it comes to lighting? Most of our table lamps are floor lamps come built in with LED lights! Check out the product descriptions for more information!

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lighting faq

Do all table lamps and floor lamps come with bulbs/lights?

Most of the lighting products from Masons Home Decor comes built in with an ordinary lamp or an LED lamp. However, not all lamps will be sold in this manner. Check out the product description as you are shopping for a table lamp or a floor lamp. The first sentance will mention whether or not it comes built in, and if it is not, an option to purchase the bulb from us can be made on the same product page. We also provde a recommendation of a suitbale bulb, should you decide to purchase them on your own elsewhere.

Where are the table lamps and floor lamps from Masons Home Decor from?

Most of our table lamps and floor lamps are made with Italian materials. However, some products are made in China or Thailand too. The country of origin can be seen in the product description of every individual product page. 

How does Masons Home Decor keep its prices so low?

90% of our lamps are made in our factory in Singapore. We have a very systematic and efficient production line that enables us to provide you with remarkable cost savings.

Is delivery provided?

Yes, island wide delivery is available at S$6.00 per order. Please note that delivery or self-collection may only take place 48 hrs from the time of your order. Self-collection may be carried out at 14 New Industrial Road #05-02A, Hudson Industrial Building Singapore 536203.

What is the refund or exchange policy?

All faulty or damaged goods may be replaced. However, they must be reported within 7 days from the time of receiving the goods.


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