Abaco FirTECT™ – Premium Christmas Tree


Premium Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Please read the how to guide on how to make your trees look dense and not scarce, by clicking here.

Abaco is a Hyper Realistic Pine Christmas Tree of ultra quality and realism!

Inspired by Evergreens that last a lifetime and thrive especially during the festive seasons, our trees have an abundantly dense foliage and each tree is allocated an extremely generous amount of branches to ensure added depth and beauty.

Pair them with our ornaments, pine cones and string lighting to bring up the holiday spirit for you and your family!

Sizes: 1.5m (5ft), 1.8m (6ft), 2.1m (7ft)


ABACO contains some ARIOSTEA branches so that your ornaments may hang easily onto the tree. It is not feasible to hang ornaments directly to the pine leaves. The tree is manufactured in such a way whereby it would look extremely dense and beautiful when ornaments are hung at each ARIOSTEA branch.

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Delivery is priced at S$12.00 per order. Delivery is FREE for all orders above S$50.00.

Order before 30 Nov 2016 for delivery after 1 Dec 2016 to enjoy more than 50% off our beautiful premium Christmas Trees!

Designed in Germany, Assembled in China. Deutsche-Technologie.

p.s. Christmas Tree Singapore is always about giving what’s best for you and your loved ones. Happy Christmas shopping!

Certainly a chance that must not be missed! Prices increase daily counting down to Christmas!