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You can expect the following:

  • Hyper-Realistic – The color and texture of the Hyper-realistic Cherry Blossom are so amazing that those who have seen the product could not tell that they were artificial. Because of the precise details, they are often mistaken as real-life cherry blossoms. The texture of the stem is EXACTLY what it is like and every individual flower comes in many shades and tones.
  • Perfect Shades of Colour – Running tone of colors to mimic the natural characteristics of the real-life form of the Cherry Blossom. Each flower attached to the stem structure of our cherry blossoms are tri-colored to ensure that they do not look fake.
  • Maximum Value – Each stalk comes with 5 branches, generously scattered with Cherry Blossoms.
  • Variety – Available in 4 colors. Scroll through our product images to view them in all angles.
  • Long Lasting – Engineered to last for years without losing its rich color
Dimensions: 110 cm (1.1m) in height

Colors available :

Pink | Red | Yellow | White | Lighter Pink


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Color : Lighter Pink
Lighter Pink
Hyper-realistic Cherry Blossom Pink by Masons Home Decor
Hyper-realistic Cherry Blossom
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