Origin Hybrid® Mattress


We dare proclaim that this is the best mattress you will ever find in Singapore. Try it out today at our humble display space.

  • Top Quality Materials Used
  • Designed in Germany
  • Provides Maximum Support
  • 2500 Pocket Springs + Gel-Infused Cooling Memory Foam + Latex
  • Risk Free 120 Night Trial
  • Designed Not for Profit, but to Achieve Perfect Sleep

Our recent survey shows that 6 out of 10 Singaporeans do not get the rejuvenation that their body requires. Poor sleep leads to chronic and serious health issues.

Every Origin Hybrid® Mattress is engineered to mold into your body shape regardless of your sleep position. It responds instantaneously to your weight by evenly distributing the pressure from your joints to allow your spine to rest at its natural position. Not having complete spinal support results in redundant pressure on your joints and this has proven to be a barrier to unhealthy blood circulation.

Order your mattress in 5 minutes and have it delivered to you for free in 120 minutes* ! You are about to experience the best sleep of your life.

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  • Single
  • Super Single
  • Queen
  • King
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