Prego – Shoe Cabinet

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$279.00 $149.00

Material: Solid Plywood Oak Veneer


Length – 74 cm

Depth – 34 cm

Height – 116 cm

The Prego Shoe Cabinet is both attractive and multi functional. While its name may suggest that it is solely intended for shoes, it can double as a wardrobe if that is required. Upon opening that swing doors, one is greeted to the welcome sight of a whole host of compartments. Even for those who are less inclined to cleaning and organising, this cabinet makes it so simple and approachable that one might even begin to enjoy it. The finish for this item is white oak, giving it an air of sophistication with just a hint of modernism. Standing just over 1 meter off the ground and having a length of just under a meter, this cabinet should provide more than enough storage room for even the biggest shoe fanatic. It is a versatile item that can act as a natural balance in a room or a feature, depending on the customer’s preference.


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