Vindraak – Dining Set


A lovely combination of a top quality Vindraak Dining Table and 4 or 6  Vindraak Dining Chairs.

The Vindraak Dining set is inspired by modern living inspired by most Singaporeans today. The Vindraak table top is easy to clean and maintain while the whole structure of the table top and the chairs are extremely strong and sturdy, being made out of solid wood. The Vindraak Dining set is made to coexist and blend with any existing interior design theme any Singapore home may have.

Dining Table and Chair Material: Solid Wood

Dining Table Top: Premium Grade MDF Veneer

Chair Dimensions:

41 cm (Length) x 47 cm (Depth) x 79 cm (Height)

4 Seater Table Dimensions:

120 cm (Length) x 75 cm (Depth) x 75 cm (Height)

6 Seater Table Dimensions:

150 cm (Length) x 90 cm (Depth) x 75 cm (Height)

  • 4 Seater (120 cm Length Table + 4 Chairs)
  • 6 Seater (150 cm Length Table + 6 Chairs)
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