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Your Bed Frame is known to be the feature of your bedroom, and it is also the place you spend most of your time on at night. A bed frame that suits your design taste buds and decor of your bedroom is extremely important. Scroll all the way below to read on all the different kinds of beds that exist!


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Types of Beds in Singapore

It is important to know the names of all the different kinds of beds that exist. Knowing the correct names of the type of bed you have in mind will make your efforts in sourcing for the right bed much easier. Before we begin, let us also look at the different dimensions of the 4 types of bed sizes available in Singapore:

Single Size Bed: Approximately 90 cm (Width) x 190 cm (Length)

Super Single Size Bed: Approximately 110 cm (Width) x 190 cm (Length)

Queen Bed Size Bed: Approximately 150 cm (Width) x 190 cm (Length)

King Sized Bed Size Bed: Approximately 180 cm (Width) x 190 cm (Length)

Day Bed: Day Beds are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore due to space constraints faced in homes that are getting smaller by the years. A Day Bed is a bed that usually has a cushioned back rest and side rest. They can be used as a sofa during the day, and act as a comfortable bed at night. Day Beds are also becoming common for office break rooms.

Sofa Bed: Just like a Day Bed, a Sofa Bed is perfect for homes with a space issue because it can act as both a sofa and a bed. However, a Day Bed is manufactured to have a permanent structure, while a sofa bed can be adjusted via its back rest to be laid flat to become a bed, or put upright to act as a sofa.

Metal Bed: The cheapest type of bed frame you can find in Singapore. Though it is cheap and strong, such are not common because of their limited designs.

Wooden Bed: Wooden beds are strong and produces a Scandinavian type of design which is very much in trend now. They are also priced economically.

Upholstered Bed: An upholstered bed is a bed that is upholstered with either Fabric, Faux Leather, or Genuine Leather, over its solid wood structure. Such beds are popular because they can achieve a wide variety of designs. Such beds are usually more expensive especially those in leather finishes.

Divan: A bed frame without any sideboard or backboard.

Bunk Bed: Also known as a double deck bed or a double decker bed, these beds are commonly found in army camps or places of communal living. However, bunk beds are becoming more funky in design to accommodate to the market of families. It is common for a family with multiple children to have a double deck bed, given that rooms are not only small, but very limited in apartments.

Guest Bed: These beds serve the same purpose as a bunk bed. In Singapore, these beds are usually referred to as 2 in 1 beds or 3 in 1 beds. A 2 in 1 bed refers to an ordinary single bed with a pull out bed underneath. A 3 in 1 bed refers to a queen sized bed with a pull out single bed underneath.

Storage Bed: In Singapore, we refer to it as a storage bed. In other parts of the World, a storage bed is referred to as an Ottoman bed. These beds can be lifted (opened like a clamshell) for you to store items underneath the mattress. A brilliant innovation for countries such as Singapore, whereby space constraints in apartments are always an issue.

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