Trish Dining Chair

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Home owners in Singapore usually purchase dining sets that consist of a dining table with matching dining chairs. However, lowly priced dining sets elsewhere often mean that they are not durable and do not last that long. Sometimes, home owners in Singapore even get sick of how their dining chairs look! Whatever the case, we are glad to have such a huge variety of dining chairs in the form of colour, material, and design, that we are sure that there will be something for every dining room in Singapore.

Choosing dining chairs to perfectly match your dining tables are extremely easy. You should first determine the material and the colour of your dining table. Should your dining table be of a wood material, choose dining chairs that have frames that are of the exact same colour as your table. Should it be made of glass or have metal leg frames, choose something black based or a dining chair with metal legs. Then, determine the kind of space you have. Take the length and breadth of your dining table, do some simple math and see how many chairs you can fit. You could put dining chairs with arm rests at the shorter ends of the table, and dining chairs without arm rests at the longer ends of the table. After which, determine the type of height your dining chair should be of. A taller table would match well with dining chairs that don a high back rest, while shorter dining chairs would there complement dining tables that are shorter.

Money is hard to come by and it is only right for every individual to ensure that he or she receives the fullest value for every dollar spent. If you require a sturdy and long lasting dining chair, opt for something that is made of solid wood. Most of our dining chairs are made of solid wood anyway! Since you will be sitting on them on a daily basis and exposing them to dragging, you might want to invest in solid wood here and avoid MDF wood or other cheap materials (this is unlike coffee tables or TV consoles whereby MDF is more acceptable).

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