A sideboard can have many functions, and is also known through other terms. It can also be known as a buffet or credenza. While the earlier two terms are mostly meant to be used as a storage solution in the dining room (buffet) or kitchen (credenza), the sideboards below are perfect for your entryways, hallways, and even your living rooms.

While they are too tall to be a platform for your television sets, they are perfect for storing any sort of miscellaneous objects. Sideboards allow you to hide all your clutter while providing great aesthetic value to your home. Given the huge variety we have, boosting the decor of your home will not be a problem. The top surface of your sideboard can also be used to place photo frames, trophies, or other ornaments to show off the identity of your household.

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Sideboards are commonly neglected when a family comes together to think of what furniture to purchase. Its ability is often underestimated! Not only can they store a lot of items, but they can also act as a divider of one space to another, act as a placement for your memories (as stated above), and make your space look more complete.
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