A TV console does more than to just act as a platform for your television set. In most situations, a TV console is necessary even when your flat screen TV is mounted to the wall. It completes the overall look of your TV area in your living room. Our TV and media consoles are available in a huge variety and at the cheapest cost. Hide the ugly wires of your television set, game consoles, set up boxes and audio system with our designer TV consoles today!

Do take note that it is important to measure the available space (length and depth) of your TV area before committing to a purchase. Scroll to the bottom for more useful tips!

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TV Console Singapore - Buy TV and Media Consoles Online in Singapore

Designing a home is not only about achieving a nice looking space. It is also about ensuring that the living experience within the home always be great. It also has to mean that the design is sustainable. Imagine having a living room consisting of a beautiful sofa, coffee table, and television boasting state of the art technology, but with its wires strewn all over. That is definitely not going to result in a pleasant living experience! With designer TV consoles, that problem is immediately solved. TV consoles also help declutter another form of mess. Most of our TV and media consoles are readily available with compartments or drawers.

Please note that a sideboard is not to be mistaken with a TV console. They both look similar, but a sideboard has much more storage compartments, is usually much taller, and is most suitable for placement in your entryway or hallway. Using a sideboard as a platform for television to stand on is therefore not recommended

The height of your television screen should be double of the height of your TV console. Having it in any other proportion may result in a neck ache after a period of time. Remember, designing your living room is not only about achieving a nice looking space, it is also about creating a sustainable place to live in!

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