5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Singapore 2021

Globally, Christmas is the most celebrated holiday of the year and it has been a tradition for Families and Friends to gather together to merry, have dinner, exchange gifts and also have their homes well decorated with colorful Christmas lights and Trees.

In different parts of the World people celebrate Christmas in diverse ways according to their traditions, beliefs, cultures, geography etc. But in Singapore it’s usually a very unique and exciting experience, although they don’t experience a WHITE CHRISTMAS in that part of the world rather they have a combination of heat and humidity, yet there is still a lot of exciting and overwhelming activities to do there during Christmas.

Do you have plans of celebrating this Christmas in Singapore? Here is a list of how you can enjoy a memorable Christmas holyday experience;

Decorate the home with Christmas decor

masons home decor christmas
Picture credit: Masons Home Decor

There is an old saying that “there is no place like home for the holidays” and also considering the need for safe practices like social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic lots of families will be celebrating the Christmas at home, you can spark up the holiday spirit in your home and put your entire household in the mood of celebration by putting up a Beautiful Christmas tree. Christmas trees have been in existence long before now and they have been used in beautifying the home and making the whole environment come alive with Christmas celebrations.

In recent times, there are amazing live Christmas tree that comes with hyper realistic FirTech technology that looks so real. These Christmas trees will make you feel special. They are easy to maintain and are regarded as real Christmas trees. Although, most people prefer to go for fake Christmas trees that are cheap and affordable, but do you know you can get these realistic Christmas tree at affordable prices? Then your Christmas décor cannot be complete without beautiful Christmas lights and ornaments that you can buy cheap and light up your home for Christmas.

Shop along the Orchard road and watch Christmas concert

Christmas period is approaching and Orchard road is getting busy with lots of things to see and buy. It is during the Christmas period that you get to see sales of beautiful clothes and amazing Christmas gifts to gift to your loved ones. You will be so amazed at the lovely things you will find on orchard road, and the things you buy comes with a lot of exciting shopping deals  and the beautiful decorations you will get will thrill you. That is not all; the best part about Orchard road is the amazing concert that is being held there. You might decide to go shopping on Christmas Eve, when the décor and festivities is in full gear and then go see the beautiful Christmas light decors that happens in Orchard road.

Have fun at fairs and amusement parks in Singapore

You might not be able to watch snow fall in Singapore but you can have fun chatting with Santa Claus and enjoying some fantastic rides like the grand carousel. The Orchard road has the Christmas village that has various ceremonies and specialties. Don’t forget to visit the Christmas village on empty stomach because you will eat to your fill.

If you need something more exciting, then you can check out the S.E.A Aquarium located in Sentosa. You will see a lot of amazing things in the aquarium like watching Father Christmas swimming among the fishes in the aquarium as well as watching the elves feed them. Then attend the Christmas parade, win Christmas gifts at the Singapore universal studios, and also get the chance to meet those favorite characters that you have always admired. Furthermore, Christmas wonderland is one of those places you can never miss out on. Go there to admire beautiful illuminated structures, join the people in singing Christmas carols, and join in carnivals and parades, as well as watching beautiful theatrical shows.

How about visiting the marina Bay Singapore countdown show? It is a sight to behold and you are sure to have unforgettable memories in Singapore.

Don’t forget to party real hard

What is a Christmas celebration without partying? If you don’t party in Singapore, then your Christmas celebration isn’t complete. With the pandemic still threatening people, most people may not want to host large crowd in their home but you can party with close friends and family. Ensure you stick with the covid 19 rules while partying. Prepare nice snacks and drinks and get the party started. If you want it to be more extraordinary, then you can rent a place with beautiful decorations, music, and food and get the party started with loved ones and also taking the COVID19 prevention measures into consideration.

Finally, decorate your Christmas cookies

Cookies are amazing and the taste excites your taste bud. Start your day with preparing cookies and coloring them with Christmas colors. Your kids can help you in the preparation and what make it special is the fact that it smells nice and the smell fill the house, which is a constant reminder that it is Christmas time.

Christmas cookies

Christmas celebration is amazing in almost every part of the world, and with every country having their culture; you can only imagine how colorful and exciting Christmas celebration will be. For Singapore, it is a new experience because you don’t get to feel the snow and chills of Christmas, but you will be exposed to something new and different. However, while the feeling might be new, it is exciting and memorable. In Singapore, you will experience a one-in-a-lifetime exciting Christmas celebrations that you may never forget.



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