Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch during Christmas

Christmas is that time of the year that the whole year pivots towards from the very start. It’s a time for religious celebrations, national holidays, surprise visits, and financial stress. It’s that time of the year where the dishes pile up, but you can’t rant because it could affect the festivity in the air.

There could not be a perfect time for snowballing, horse racing, ice-skating, and family bonding. And yes, some families bond by going to parks, swimming, visiting friends, but in the end, every family has to partake in the act that completes the Christmas package, which is to binge-watch sappy Christmas movies.

I hate to confess, but it’s much easier to lose a hundred times in snowball fights than to select a good Christmas movie that the whole family is sure to love. No one knows how hard it is until the whole family is yapping at how terrible the movie choice is and how they had such high hopes. That can be a lot to deal with, so I’ll make it easy for you.

Here’s a list of the best Christmas movies to have ever been produced in the past few years, and I’m sure that it’s exactly what you need to get movie night sorted with the family.

10. The Princess Switch

This Rom-com was released in 2019, and Vanessa Hudgens couldn’t have looked more princessy. The movie focuses on the lives of two young women; one a duchess, the other a baker, who are unrelated but look-alike in every way and with crisscross interest in each other’s lives. They trade places, and it couldn’t have worked out better.

9. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This Christmas classic dating back to 1964 is one of the most popular Christmas animations that still hasn’t lost its pool of viewers every Christmas season. If you’re looking to get a few tears and adorable “awww” sounds from your little kids, wife, sister, or cousin, when movie night is over, this is the movie you want.

In this yuletide classic, Rudolf runs into a series of adventures with the abominable snowman. In the end, they find acceptance for who they are and how their differences are beautiful.

8. Home Alone

You want to be careful about how the kids practice the stunts in this movie, though. Home alone tells of the action-filled adventures of a young boy left at home for Christmas and targeted by robbers. The boy emerges victorious at the end, using tactics, skill, and cunningness. A perfect film to excite the younger ones and make the older ones smile from nostalgia. Trust me, when you’re done watching this movie, you’d want even more.

7. The Night Before

If you’re going to have cousins sleeping over for Christmas, you should slot this in the CD player. Fun, hilarious, and downright unbelievable are the words to describe what these three friends do when they find out that their Christmas traditions may soon have to end. You’re bound to hear some language, but I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle. One thing’s for sure; you’d be laughing by the time this ends.

6. The Christmas Chronicles

Two kids are out there fulfilling your life-long desire to capture Santa. How cool is that? Especially since they failed, like most of us did.

Airing in 2018, this movie brings some strong courage on screen as two siblings who try to capture Santa end up failing and must help Santa deliver all the gifts before morning. Pretty fun idea, right? Exactly what I thought.

You should check out the sequel, recently released in the year 2020. I’m sure you’d love it.

5. Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch

Although this movie is an adaptation of the original Grinch made in the ’90s, it presents new tantalizing plots and twists.

The story centers on the Grinch, a creature who lives apart from everyone else for most of the year and has no tolerance for the word “Christmas.” You’re sure to laugh and tear up and then laugh again. Please don’t take my word for it though, let your family watch and decide.

4. A Bad Mom’s Christmas

You know how mothers can be overbearing? Especially during Christmas? Well, let’s assume you don’t.

You’re sure to find out as you watch these women sort out their mommy issues and still go on to have the most remarkable Christmas. Family, at the end of the day, will always be family.

3. Klaus

I know, I know; this movie should be number one. It’s just so interesting and immersive. A son is sent on a quest to a danger zone to prove his worth to his father.

There, he brings innovation and makes an unlikely partnership that changes things forever. This sounds so perfectly good to watch in the fireplace while munching on some popcorn or leftover steak. You have to love it.

2. Office Christmas Party

Don’t you love the way office folks conduct themselves? Well, not this bunch.

The plan is to seal the deal with a huge client, but it seems the employees didn’t get the memo. You can catch up on the carnage that ensues afterward.

1. Love actually

Is Christmas complete when you haven’t seen this? I guess not. This oldie but golden movie centered around various couples trying to figure out themselves. Of course, there’s a lot of laughs and wits, and when you’re done with this, you’d want to fall in love again. I certainly did.

These movies are a must-watch if you’re looking to make the family happy, but if for any reason, they like none, let it be known that I did my best.

If you do not like these movies, it’s simply because you’re a weirdo, and that’s cool. There are a hundred more films you can watch, so make sure to look out for

I wish you good luck.

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