Top 5 Christmas Themes for Scandinavian Home Design

Are you looking to pick the perfect Christmas theme for your Scandinavian home this year? Well, you’re in the right place. All it takes to create a fun and festive atmosphere for one of the best seasons in the world is the perfect Christmas tree and ornaments to accompany them. The Scandinavian theme is all about elements that are the best representations of nature, with blue, green, and red colors that stand out in Nordic Christmas décor. Whether you’re opting for a real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree, there are tons of ways to brighten up the Christmas theme this year, and we’ll be telling you all about the top five. Let’s get right to our country-inspired designs.

Merry Red Poinsettias Christmas

Take your home from ordinary to extraordinary with this special Scandinavian-themed Christmas décor idea. We all know that red is one of the colors of Christmas and it will look even lovelier nestled in your Christmas tree. To create the perfect Scandinavian theme for your home office this Christmas, decorate your live Christmas tree with red poinsettias, gorgeous red flowers that bring a lot of attention to your tree. Better yet, you could opt for a more subtle theme for your home office with just a small pot of red poinsettias if you don’t have a lot of space for a huge Christmas tree. Need some ideas? A lovely start will be this Poinsettia Bunch. You really can’t go wrong with these stylish flowers decorating your Christmas tree or in a simple pot at the corner. With this, you’re going for minimalist with Scandinavian style.

Merry Baubles Christmas

There’s so much to love about baubles, and they never fail to evoke the true Christmas spirit in every space. So, why don’t you bring this into your Scandinavian home design this festive season? If you love a cool theme, go for beautiful and classic baubles like the Perla Baubles. The blue color of this bauble gives off a chic look that blends easily with any décor. This is the perfect way to keep things in your home interesting without doing too much

perla tiffany blue baubles - christmas ornaments by masons home decor singapore

An even better option is these Christopher Mini baubles, which give your Scandinavian home a pop of color without getting too intense.

micah champagne gold baubles - christmas ornaments by masons home decor singapore

Store these high-quality ornaments properly, and you have the perfect decorative piece for your home for years.

A festival of wreaths

Turn your home into a lovely festival of wreaths for your one-of-a-kind Scandinavian home design. There are many creative ways to use wreaths. You could have one welcome your guests right at the door. Create a festival of wreaths on your walls with about three or four carefully lined up. Of course, you would have to pick the right wreaths, or everything would seem so off. But don’t worry about that. Anyone who takes a look at this Eira Wreath would instantly fall in love.

Place a few of these at a vantage spot in your home and watch the transformative effect. If you want to take the beauty up a notch, then we suggest you include Ahiezer Berry Garland, which has always screamed Christmas from time immemorial.

These simple-looking garlands will definitely make a huge difference. Cheers to your true Scandinavian home this season. Why settle for just a piece when you can have them all?

Bring in nature’s touch

What’s another lovely way to take your home from conventional to contemporary as we celebrate this fantastic season? Through nature. A favorite will always be pine cones, as it has always been a tradition to use this to decorate Christmas trees. The Scandinavian design gives a lot of consideration to natural elements, so why don’t you find a way to bring the outside in? Let’s start with Manasseh Red Garland, which brings in the lovely wood tones and will look perfect on your fake Christmas tree.

Manasseh Red Garland by Masons Home Decor Singapore

It includes pine cones, garlands, and red flowers, which is the picture of the perfect package. You can also explore this pine cone kit for your home design.

The classic star of the show

Can you take a guess? Yes, we’re talking about your Christmas tree topper. Even this literal star can complete your Scandinavian home design for the holiday season. The Alpi Star is one classic work of art with its subtle elegance that’s still enough to attract a lot of attention.

And if you love them bigger, this Daffy Star or Jessica Star are beautiful ones to check out. The fantastic thing about picking the right holiday item for your Christmas theme is that you can use them for years and even pass them down from generation to generation. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Tips for making your home stand out

Now that you have some fantastic ideas to transform your home into a Nordic Christmas scene, there are still some tips to remember. Of course, you wouldn’t want to do too much or too little. That would scare off Santa even with the cookies out, right? Remember not to use too many colors to make your home stand out even more with your Scandinavian home design. This will only make your home seem loud when what you’re going for is Scandi-chic. Apart from this, it’s always great to know that you can never go wrong with LED lights.

Every home decoration for this festive season includes these lights, and you can buy this LED string light with its fanciful colors. Wrap them around the ornaments on your Christmas tree and watch the magic happen.

So, what do you think about these Christmas theme ideas for your Scandinavian home design? The best way to truly bring them to life is by shopping for ornaments at the right store. Mason’s Home Décor is Singapore’s largest online Christmas store with many product offerings you would absolutely want to incorporate into your home. There’s something perfect for every home! So, feel free to check it out.

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