Top 5 Christmas Tree for a BTO house in Singapore

In a few weeks, 2021 will be over. We have struggled for hundreds of days, however, we cannot close the year with sadness or regret because Christmas is coming to town really soon! You can see most of the stores proudly show their Christmas tree in front of the store or inside their store in order to share the vibes together with everyone who passed by. Special Christmas edition cookies are baked fresh from the oven starting from the first day of December. Most restaurants get busy due to overbooking Christmas take-away or dinner. The Christmas Carol is played in radio stations, cafes, malls, and stores. Everyone looks ready to celebrate the last big day at the end of the year. And we hope you are ready for it too!

As Christmas is getting one step closer to us, it is better for us to hurry. Have you planned what to do on Christmas Eve? Have you bought gifts for your families and friends? Have you decided where to have dinner on Christmas day? And the most important thing is … have you bought a Christmas tree for your house?

It is a tradition for having a Christmas tree either in your house or on the public street. To be frank, buying a Christmas tree for your house is not a piece of cake thing to do, at least in Singapore. Everyone is living in different types of BTO and Maisonette. You must buy a Christmas tree that suits your space very well. In the middle of desperation, let’s believe that there is a way to buy an ideal Christmas tree for your house! Do not forget that Singaporeans have the number one favourite and largest Christmas store Mason Home Decor that will be the comfort zone for everyone to buy Christmas decorations. For those who still hesitate on which artificial Christmas tree that suit your place, here are the top 5 of Christmas Tree recommendation for you:

3-Room Flat

Living with your small family in a 3-room flat is the most comfortable as the space is designed special for you and the children. Although it is comfortable, the remaining space for decorations may not be that big. The solution is you need a slim and dense fake Christmas tree to fit up the remaining space. You can decorate it in the corner of the living room or beside the sofa. Starting from $99, you can have a cheap Christmas tree that looks very similar to the real Christmas tree. Be aware, your eyes may not notice the differences!

Buying a plain Christmas tree is not highly recommended to celebrate the special day. So, why not put the Fairy Lights and some ornaments on it? The Rose Gold Iris Baubles and Snow Flake Bauble are a good combination to accompany the twinkling lights from the fairy lights. By decorating it this way, your living room is ready to have wonderful Christmas vibes! Do not forget to play your Christmas favorite song too~

4-Room Flat

As the space is definitely much bigger, then you can try to decorate your living room with Artificial Balsam Fir Christmas Tree along with Perfect Star Tree Topper and Coin Leafy String. With this look, your Christmas tree is ready to make all eyes on it. The elegance from the string and the combination with the tree topper, you make everyone feel so lucky to witness the live Christmas tree in a warm flat of yours!

We know, you know, that a Christmas tree is not enough to decorate your flat. The room may get full of the tree, but not the wall. In order to maximize the happy-merry-Christmas vibes, you need more ornaments. To match the elegant Christmas tree that comes from the gold Coin Leafy String, then you can consider hanging Carol Christmas Wreath and putting Standing Santa Claus – Gold on the cabinet. And now you are ready to have a fancy-elegant Christmas!

5-Room Flat

Living in a 5-room flat is leaving a wider space for celebrating Christmas. Would you like to try something brand new for this year? Prepare yourself because we will recommend you to have a new journey in celebrating Christmas.

Due to the tropical climate, we will never experience Christmas on a snowy day. Nevertheless, there is a way to make it as if we are celebrating Christmas in 4 seasons. For the sake of the dream, then you must start to consider Amazzonia Hyper Realistic Cashmere Pine for the Christmas tree. The combination of green and white on the tip of every leaf apparently gives an image of a real Christmas tree showered in light snow. In addition to making it look prettier, you can mix and match it with red and gold. Making Malatya Gold Bauble to join the plan will be a good idea! The last touch for the tree will be the Ahiezer Berry Garland. The collaboration of red garland and the gold bauble will be the endgame for your Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree may be perfect but not with the wall. Then you must take a look at Rudolph Wreath. This masterpiece will remind us so much about Santa’s favorite reindeer, which will definitely become children’s favorite too. In addition, you can make your children happier by putting a Samuel Frosty Snowman on the drawer. The journey to celebrate Christmas as in four seasons is now complete.


Have you ever heard your kids want to see the real Christmas tree? Or even ask you to put one in the living room? And the most important thing is … they do not want the dark green Christmas tree. What will you do? Getting to paint the tree with another color? Please do not frown your forehead because we can make it easier for you.

If the kids do not want to have a dark green Christmas tree, and you may also think to try something more eye-catching for your maisonette, then you should lay your eyes on the Ariana Hyper Realistic North Carolina Pine Christmas Tree. When you take a look at it, you will realize how realistic the tree is. The green gradation color of the leaves are blending so well with its branches that are coated with sparkling gold. Your Christmas tree is ready to be the center of attention for everyone who visited your maisonette!

As the Christmas tree is already stealing everyone’s attention, then you do not need to add more ornaments on it. However, there is still a slot for this Magnolia Flower Pick to make the appearance to be perfect without getting overboard. The realistic look of the flowers will make everyone get closer to the Christmas tree just to make sure if you really put the real Magnolia or not. For the last touch, you can hang a wreath either on the door or wall. Without spending much time searching for an ideal wreath, you can look at the Golden Gabriel Wreath right away due to the strong matching probability with your Christmas tree design.

Minimalist Design

We are calling out all the minimalist enthusiasts to spare your time to take a look at Christmas tree recommendations for you. Be ready, because you will fall in love in the first sight of it~

The best Christmas tree for your corner is the Ariostea (Wide and Dense) Artificial Alpine Christmas Tree. The size and color of the tree are really suitable for the minimalist style. For supporting the Christmas tree, you can place the garland on the tree. The silver garland will be suitable for this. Besides, by placing garland, the Christmas tree on the corner will emit a simple, warm, and calming aura.  This will definitely support your minimalist ambience. Thus, you go check this Evan Christmas Garland right away!

We cannot deny that the Christmas tree will go along very well with the wreath. If it is like this, then it is better to not separate them. Having a minimalist style for your living place means you do not want to have much ornament in the room. However, since it is Christmas, let’s put some simple ornaments in the room. In order to have matching vibes with the Christmas tree, then Celyn Wreath is a good pick for you. The combination of white and green are helping you to maintain the simple and essential things in the room. What a perfect ambience!

Christmas day is getting closer. People already do the countdown to celebrate it together with their beloved. If you have not planned everything for your Christmas, then you better hurry. Go plan for the Christmas Eve dinner, what to buy for the gift, what to do, and the most important thing is … plan what kind of decoration you should do for your flat. Please do not delay everything, because if everything is sold out, then only regret will remain in the bottom of your heart. Anyway, wish you a Merry Christmas and have a good day!

Mason Home Decor is Singapore’s largest online Christmas store and they have many product offerings for you! There’s always something perfect for every home!


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