How to Choose a Christmas Theme That Best Fits your Home

With Christmas bells ringing louder than ever to signal the arrival of Santa’s sleigh, it’s only natural that you think of the Christmas theme that would be the best fit for your home. Christmas seems to bring out the decorator in all of us, and this is a good thing. So, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect Christmas theme without going into a fit of frustration.

Let your Christmas décor match your home décor

The last thing you want to do is throw your home into a confusion of colours while trying to pick the perfect Christmas theme. Therefore, you should make sure that your choice of Christmas theme fits with your home décor smoothly. If your living space is a beautiful mix of black and white colours, you would want to match the minimalistic look with silver or white colours instead of placing twigs everywhere. However, if your home exudes a lot of warmth with colourful tones, match this with equally colourful ornaments that draw them out nicely. The simple message here is to stick with warm and cosy if that is the natural theme of your home and go for sleek and sophisticated if it is filled with neutral colours instead.

Ensure continuity throughout your home

Don’t treat each room as a separate part of your home. Instead, your Christmas theme should transition easily from one room to the next to ensure continuity. So, if you’re using silver colours in one room, don’t switch abruptly to overly bright colours in the next room. A good tip is to pay attention to the main decorating colours and switch up your decoration with them. If your colours are blue, red, and green, you can make each one the main colour for various rooms and then tie it all together perfectly with garlands of the same colour.

Settle on a colour scheme that adds texture

Colour is one of the most important parts of your Christmas theme. During this festive season, it evokes many emotions, and you would want to put a lot of effort into picking the right ones for your decorative ornaments. If you walked into a room that was all white, from the walls to the furniture and even lighting, you would pay more attention to the ornaments in a different colour. So, think of the colours that attract your attention the most and use this for your Christmas theme. These should really get you in a festive mood. To save you a lot of stress, go for a monochromatic colour scheme that will include shades of the colour you like. So, if blue is your colour, the different hues of blue that should come to your mind will include aqua, cyan, and turquoise. Now, you can find baubles and garlands that reflect your chosen colours.

Of course, you should mix it up with different ornaments, or it would all look boring. Alternatively, you could choose between warm and cool colours. Your choice of warm colours ranges from gold to red and yellow. For cool colours, you can check out silver, white and blue. Move more towards cool colours if your Christmas theme is geared towards a snowy place. But if you want to recreate that absolutely cosy feeling you get while sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold evening, warm colours will do the trick.

Choosing a theme around nature

One of the best Christmas themes to pick for your home is the one that highlights nature. Floral themes have always been a hit since time immemorial, and they are not about to stop now. So, you could explore ornaments like wreaths, artificial flowers, and pine cones. Hanging these at several spots in your home will be sure to bring a transformative effect. It gets even better when you buy ornaments with colours that stand out. A good example is this Magnolia artificial flower that is great for a warm theme. You can also check out these Silver Ornaments for cool themes.

Choosing a theme around shapes

Who says stars are only meant for the top of your Christmas tree? You can create a Christmas theme using signature shapes as the central decorating ornaments. Also, look for stockings and candle holders that have the same shape. If you would love to take a trip down memory lane, combine this with some memorabilia that remind you of your childhood or some fun time in your life. Make a unique collection of this to showcase with the ornaments, and you’ll have everyone smiling in satisfaction.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have your Christmas tree in there. You can adorn this with some tiny toys and beautiful baubles like this diamond bauble. Twinkling lights will put it all together perfectly, and you have your Christmas theme for one of the best seasons in the year.

Should you use homemade or store-bought decorations?

This is a really important question because it could determine how well your Christmas theme turns out. While both options are great, it is usually better to go for store-bought decorations. Homemade decorations require a lot of time and effort, some of which you may not have, especially if you leave your decorating to the rush hour period. However, there are tons of options when you shop for decorations at reputable stores. The best way to truly bring your Christmas theme to life is to shop for ornaments at the right store. Mason’s Home Décor is Singapore’s largest online Christmas store with many product offerings you would absolutely want to incorporate into your home. There’s something perfect for every home! So, feel free to check it out.

Think you’re ready to crush your Christmas theme this year? Get creative and see the magic you can create with the proper ornaments and colours for your home.

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