7 Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees Over Real Christmas Trees

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Perceived Benefits of Real Christmas Trees

Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

Heads up.. The image above is not a real Christmas tree, but a hyper realistic Christmas tree. 

It has been heavily reported that more families in Singapore have been switching to Artificial Christmas Trees from Real Christmas trees. Some nurseries have also reported that they are importing to Singapore a significantly smaller volume after each year. While there is still a market for real Christmas trees, let us look at the many reasons why families and homeowners are making the switch.

Let us first share the perceived benefits of Real Christmas trees and how Artificial Christmas Trees can be just as good, if not better. Then we will move on to the benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees.


Perceived Benefits of Real Christmas Trees

Family Tradition

Some would say that the family tradition of getting a real tree every year is irreplaceable by any product. There will always be a market of consumers who would value something that is real and authentic. However in a recent survey, many customers have shared that the family tradition of getting a tree yearly can still be present with the purchase of an artificial Christmas tree. Ultimately, the choice is up to you!

Natural Appearance and Scent

This was more true in the past when artificial Christmas trees were still a poor substitute for the real thing. Real Christmas trees used to be prized for their beautifully natural appearance and scent. These days, it is easy to replicate this experience by getting a hyper-realistic artificial Christmas tree that is identical to its real-life counterpart and adding on the use of Christmas tree scent essential oils.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, here are 5 more reasons to why you should make the switch!

Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

Perfect Hyper Realsitic Appearance

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We have made it our life’s mission to design and construct the most realistic Christmas trees you would have ever seen in your life. The FirTECT technology was developed by Masons Home Decor. This technology mimics everything about the real-life Christmas tree. Much research and development go into ensuring the size, colours, and textures of the entire tree and all of its branches and tips are identical to its real-life counterpart. Customers used to joke with our sales representatives that they have had family members attempting to water the tree!

In contrast, it’s always a gamble buying a real Christmas tree. You never know what flaws there are in the tree you are getting, and every batch of trees differs from each other. A manufactured product is consistent. A real Christmas tree can be challenging to decorate because you might have gaps and holes in certain areas, and some branches could be weaker than others. These are common issues that would throw a spanner into your decorating process. An artificial Christmas tree will be free of this problem – what you see online is literally what you would get.

Cost Savings and Investment Value

Trees manufactured with the FirTECT technology are made to last a lifetime. This means you would only have to pay once, versus having to pay every year for a new Christmas tree.

We have seen past customers sell our trees on reseller sites such as Carousell at almost the same price they purchased their tree for when we were out of stock, so that they could try out a new Christmas tree design for the following year.

Check out how dense our tree is!

Easy Maintenance and Safety

Tiresome Daily Sweeping: One of the biggest complaints about real Christmas trees are the shedding of tips. Being a natural product, this cannot be avoided. Daily sweeping is a must. Branches that break due to the weight of heavier hanging ornaments have to be discarded too.

Artificial trees are extremely easy to maintain. Unlike real trees, they do not require constant care and they can be left alone after you are done with the set up and decorations. Furthermore, the tree set up is only 5 minutes! Say goodbye to dealing with fallen needle tips and sticky sap!

Safety Risk from Decomposing Branches: In the right environment, a real Christmas tree in Singapore can survive for approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Most people set up the trees in late November or early December. This means that the tree may start to decompose and have its branches become week as early as mid-December, before Christmas. This can be dangerous as it would result in your ornaments falling off along with the broken branches. This may pose a safety risk to bare feet walking, pets who like to chew, and children.

It is quite self explanatory that this problem will be non-existent with artificial Christmas trees because they are manufactured to last forever!

Safety. Especially, Fire Safety

Fire Safety: When a real Christmas tree starts to dry up, they may catch fire from LED lights that have experienced a short circuit. Christmas trees from Masons Home Decor are less likely to be a fire risk because it is mostly made with fire-retardant PE. However, kindly note that precautions must still be taken, as shorted lights still pose a risk to entire household.

Non-Allergenic: It is not uncommon to find someone who is allergic to the scent of real Christmas trees, especially in an enclosed environment. Artificial Christmas trees are manufactured and therefore, these allergies will never be triggered.

Convenience of Storage (No Disposal Needed)

No Disposal Needed: As the logic goes, anything that is perishable, will have to be discarded. After each Christmas season, retailers in Singapore charge as much as $150 to discard your live Christmas tree. You will never have to do that with an Artificial Christmas Tree from Masons Home Decor. Should you wish to dispose your tree from us to try a new design this year, you can even discard it conveniently part by part every day, at your local bin on the ground floor of your housing estate.

Easy Storage: Our Christmas trees are also extremely easy to store. You can store them by putting them back into their cartons, or by using our Christmas tree storage bag.

Check out this video on how we store our dismantled Christmas tree:

The reasons to use an artificial Christmas Tree from Masons versus a real Christmas tree are aplenty. If you are ready to make the switch, browse our full collection of trees today! Want to learn more? Visit our blog.

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