Top 10 Places In Singapore To Visit For Christmas

School holidays are starting, important exams for students are coming to an end, and most of us are already planning out long holidays ahead for the end of the year. Like how 2016 has flown by in the blink of an eye, November too shall complete its way to leave us with Christmas and New Years. Not all of us have fancy plans to travel overseas or head to cruise parties for our Christmas – some of us prefer to stay in Singapore and spend the long break with short excursions with our family and friends in our homeland.

Since we have already given you a list of countries to consider heading to for Christmas this year, now we’re going to suggest 10 places you can visit in Singapore to have the same pleasant experience right here without going anywhere too far.

10) Universal Studios Singapore

Many of us Singaporeans have only been to Universal Studios once or tend to go there only for special occasions. Christmas is one of such, and your ticket would be really value for the money that you pay this time of the year because they have plenty of special events lined up for the festive season.

Along with the usual spectacular rides and sights, the Universal Studios Singapore have extended their park hours longer through the evening for this special time of the year. They have also in line for you plenty of things to see and experience for the Santa’s All-Star Christmas 2016. This carnival includes a Santa’s Village with elves and reindeer mascots to take photos with, and to sing and dance along the Christmas cheers. It also has an amazing Universal Journey which takes you through 8 themes of gorgeous lights. Finally, they would of course have a performance specially showcased for Christmas to liven up the mood.

9) S.E.A Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa

Most of us have heard of and have gone to Universal Studios, but there is actually a lot more to Resorts World Sentosa that us locals have not uncovered yet! What we used to know as the Underwater World when we were young has now taken on a huge change to become the S.E.A Aquarium, fun packed with plenty of activities and wild underwater nature to see. Enjoy this under the sea view and have a Merry Fishmas with Christmas carols, lights and decorations all over the aquarium!

Also, did we mention there is going to be a Scuba Santa? Make sure to be on the look out for him while you are there as he is going to be making a special dive to do some special Fishmas feeding for the underwater life there. We are sure you are going to enjoy this treat as much as the fishes!

8) Ice Skating

What’s Christmas without snow or ice? Definitely being right smack on the equator doesn’t stop Singapore from creating a nice snowy feel for us to enjoy the day. Head down to The Rink at JCube at Jurong or Kallang Ice World if you would like to spend the day ice skating with your friends or family. Want just snow but no skating? Head down to Snow City! All of these places have Christmas special events running through December and you might even be able to land yourself and your family or group or friends with a special package during this joyous occasion!

7) Tanglin Mall

Year on year, Tanglin Mall has more than just your average shopping mall’s Christmas celebrations and decorations. They had foam, they had fake snow, and this year they have a line of events just for their residents and other Singaporeans to come and enjoy. Join in the carolling, meet Santa Claus, and of course bring your camera to capture some great shots playing with the foam and snow! Tanglin Mall also gladly offers a range of gifts and prizes through their lucky draw for those who make purchases at the mall that very day. Join in their Fantasy Christmas celebration at Tanglin Mall and enjoy your Christmas with some light but joyous fun.

6) National Heritage Board

Want to have an educational Christmas? Bring your friends or children to any museums under the National Heritage Board to do some learning and also to make use of their free visit passes as Christmas is a public holiday! It would be a good time not just to learn about Christmas and it’s origins – for which they would have plenty of displays and showcases up for the occasion – but also about Singapore and our roots. Of course, it would be enriching for all of us to take a moment to appreciate what our forefathers have been through to allow us to have such a peaceful life and Christmas at this day and age!

5) 1-Altimate

If you are looking for more adventure than the usual Christmas carolling, having a Turkey dinner and spending time outside in the day – you can consider a wild Christmas party up in the sky at 1-Altimate. This is a place 61 levels up in the sky, right in the middle of Town, and it might be some good fun for all you party-lovers out there.

For Christmas, 1-Altimate literally transforms itself into a life-size snow globe, on Christmas Eve itself. Enjoy good music and drinks along with plenty of snow fluffing inside the dance floor and great carols mixed in with pumping music. 1-Altimate is also known for its very modern audio and visual technology which would make your experience indeed out of the world. Don’t forget to bring your phone in at least, to take a photo with all the staff dressed as Christmas characters!

4) Gardens By The Bay

Many of us who have grown up in sunny Singapore have never experienced a traditional English Christmas. Want a chance to see that? Head down to Gardens by the Bay for their Christmas Wonderland festive market and amazing performances. Here, you can rejoice while standing by cosy fireplaces, looking at snow-topped cottages and savouring some gingerbread cookies and milk. The festive market at Gardens by the Bay has taken after the traditional European Christmas theme, and it looks almost exactly like the market you would see at Hyde Park in London. Of course, with the current trend, no European market is going to be complete without some yummy Churros while you look at some handcrafted gifts! This would be your best chance to have a taste of a truly White Christmas without leaving the country.

There is going to be a blizzard of snow here too!

3) Orchard Road

Whether you want to get some holiday shopping done or just want to see the Christmas lights, the best place to head down for the occasion is definitely Orchard Road. Delight your eyes with miles and miles of beautiful Christmas lights and decorations, but remember, this place is going to jam packed with people, so you would need to battle with the crowd a little.

Singapore has a Best Dressed Building award for Christmas year on year, and you can also take this chance to cast your vote! Remember that Tanglin Mall we spoke of earlier on is also in this competition – you can see where the drive to decorate all these places to their fullest potential comes from. The best part about this for us is that more and more places are going to have some fake snow, and who is not going to get excited for that?

While you are here, remember to catch the night performances for Christmas which usually starts after 7pm in the evening.

2) Christmas Buffet

Don’t we all adore all-you-can-eat buffets? The great part is that for Christmas, most hotels are going to be celebrating with you by offering you such generous amounts of food! So don’t just expect a Turkey to get stuffed this year, because most of us are going to be as well. Just remember to make a booking in advance, especially if you are planning to bring a big group of people like your family or friends along with you.

If not for an all-you-can-eat buffet, you can always look for equally awesome deals like 1-for-1 meal deals and also check out your credit or debit card providers for any promotions. Our best picks for a good Christmas buffet are going to be: Raffles Hotel, Ritz Carlton and Goodwood Park Hotel.


Last but not the least (in fact, the best) place you can go down to this Christmas is to your local Church or Cathedral. Get in touch with your spiritual side and bring your family down to a Church to be grateful to how long everyone has come to thus far. Also, feel free to join in for some Christmas carolling, social interaction and bonding with people of all ages in the Church. Nothing beats listening to old time Christmas stories from history from those who know it best, our elders, isn’t it?

So now, you would agree with us that staying in Singapore for Christmas isn’t going to be bad at all, right?

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