Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

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Christmas is around the corner and it’s the time of the year to find the perfect Christmas tree for your house! Setting up a Christmas tree in your house is indeed the best way to bring in the holiday spirit amongst your family members.


Whilst some people prefer to have real trees, we have to remember that they don’t last very long and it can be quite tiring to go through the process of replacing it year after year. The good news is that there are plenty of artificial Christmas tree options available for you which can replicate the same feel of real Pine trees. Before knowing which artificial Christmas tree might be perfect for you, let’s look at the various types commonly available.


Feather Christmas Trees


Feather Christmas trees were originally from Germany and they became popular worldwide very quickly. Feather trees used to be made up of Goose feathers which were dyed green. The Goose feathers would then be attached to wire branches and a trunk-like tower in the center. However, nowadays artificial feathers are more in use due to convenience.


Feather Christmas trees are available in a range of sizes, from small 2 inch trees to huge 100 inch trees. These trees usually come with artificial red berries attached on them which can be candle holders or Christmas lights. These trees also have plenty of space for decoration with ornaments. A good advantage of feather trees is that you won’t need to handle any shedding of needles from the tree!


Brush Bristle Christmas Trees


Surprisingly, these trees were first created in the 1930s in England by a company which also manufactured toilet brushes! Despite that, these trees soon got immensely popular as they were a lot cheaper than their artificial tree counterparts. Compared to Feather trees, Brush Bristle trees are also able to hold heavier ornaments for decoration. And, they are less flammable than other types of artificial Christmas trees, especially Feather trees. This is a good added safety feature for you to be relieved especially if  there are kids around in your house.


Aluminium Christmas Trees


Originating from the United States of America, these trees tend to be the option if you want sturdy trees to hold on to plenty of ornaments. Aluminium trees tend to look more fancy and expensive compared to other artificial trees if you want to have a grand set up at your house for this Christmas.


Plastic Christmas Trees


Plastic Christmas trees make up the biggest proportion of artificial trees. These trees are made up of PVC plastic made in China, which is flame retardant but not fire-resistant. Amongst the plastic Christmas trees, there is a famous sub-type called Prelit trees. These trees come with Christmas lights included in them, so it saves you the time of stringing your own lights. Usually you are also given an option if you want to include LED lights instead of the typical mini lights. This is because LED lights have a socket for each individual bulb and this ensures that the whole string of light does not go off if one bulb burns out.


Plastic trees come in a variety of colours and can be made to look fancier than normal Christmas trees by making them frosted or glittered. Some companies make it a point to customise their plastic Christmas trees to stand out of the norm by making them rainbow coloured and even upside down. A particular type of plastic tree even comes with built-in speakers and a MP3 player!


Other Artificial Trees


One popular addition to artificial Christmas trees are Fiber Optic trees. These come in two main varieties – where one resembles a real Pine tree to exact detail, and the other is a tree composed entirely of light.


Upside down artificial Christmas trees are a popular choice amongst those who want to try something different and for those who are looking to conserve space in their homes. These trees can either be fitted to the ceiling or a wall, or comes with a stand-alone pole to support the tree.


True Pine Replicas


If you are looking for something exactly like a real Pine tree, but do not want to go through the hassle of replacing it every year, there are a handful of such artificial trees that you can look out for in the market. They are:


  • Aberdeen Pine
  • Colorado Fir
  • Douglas Fir
  • Rocky Mountain Fir
  • Sierra Pine


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