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Frozen Theme

What’s in ‘Frozen Christmas’? Suitable Corresponding Home Decor The Frozen Theme was inspired by the Disney film, frozen. While we loved how the thrilling animation film turned out, what we also loved a lot were the dominant colours of the show. We carefully picked out the ornaments to fulfil the requirements of this inspiration and […]

Best Solid Wood Furniture Warehouse in Singapore

Should you buy solid wood furniture?   Solid wood furniture is a term that is used to differentiate itself from Engineered Wood. It is also worth noting that engineered wood is usually cladded with printed laminate, which will never match the aesthetics and beauty of natural wood.  Should you be looking for long term furniture, […]

Identify Genuine Solid Wood Furniture

With more couples registering for unfurnished BTO (Built to Order) HDB apartments, purchasing furniture as an alternative to having built in customised carpentry becomes a more popular option. That being said, many of these new home owners are first time furniture buyers. Consumers in Singapore are often spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing […]

Top 6 Pineapple Tarts in Singapore for Chinese New Year 2019

pineapple tarts

A Must for Every CNY Ask any Singaporean (who celebrates Chinese New Year) if they consume pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year, and the answer would be a big fat yes. No Chinese New Year is complete without pineapple tarts! These bite sized pastries are also popular with our non-Chinese friends, and some Singaporeans even […]

19 Must Have CNY Goodies for Chinese New Year 2019!

A large part of Chinese New Year (CNY) is the snacks! From over 100 pineapple tarts, kueh lapis, prawn rolls, kueh bangkit, lover letters, and almond cookies, here are 18 shortlisted favourites to treat your guests to. 1 KUEH BANGKIT These are crumbly coconut cookies that melt in your mouth before you have had enough […]

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