How to Choose the Perfect Height and Shape of a Christmas Tree for Your Home or Office

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Homes in Singapore are often thought to be to too small for a Christmas tree, yet, almost every home has one. How many of these home owners regret their purchase? Choosing the correct height and shape of a Christmas tree for your home or office is extremely essential for a Christmas tree buyer. Unlike a live Christmas tree, purchasing a good quality artificial tree is an investment that will reap rewards for many years to come.

Step 1: Understanding Available Heights and Widths


Artificial Christmas Trees by Masons Home Decor are manufactured to look exactly like its real-life counterpart.

There are Christmas trees that are made to be as narrow as having a 70 cm width, or as broad as 1.4 metres. Height wise, they are available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12 feet. 1 foot is approximately 30 cm.

Understanding the most suitable height and width for your home helps you make easier decisions later regarding decorating and storage.

Most people think that a tree that is the shortest in height (5 foot/150 cm) would solve their space constraint issues. However, when it comes to space constraints, width is more crucial. For example, if you choose a tree with a width of 1 metre, you will need a space of 1 metre x 1 metre to fit the tree in. Newer Build-to-Order (BTO) flats especially, may not have a free to use space of this size.

As long as your home has at least a 70 x 70 cm space to spare, you can go ahead to purchase your first Christmas tree this year without worrying about space constraints.

Step 2: Choose Where to Put Your Christmas Tree


Here are some common places of a home to put your Christmas tree: (with photos)

Living Room: Usually the heart of every household where guests gather to merry-make and have fun. Also, the location that would most probably have the most space.

Entryway: Most homes have a small entryway in Singapore. However, if yours can accommodate to a Christmas tree, it would be a splendid way to welcome your guests. Plus, coming home during the festive period would be such a greater joy now.

Dining Room: For homes that do not have space in the living room, the dining area is a common and popular compromise. Easily fit a slim yet tall Christmas tree at the corner of your dining room. We can only imagine how amazing the group photos are going to be!

Other areas: From your porch to your bedroom, smaller table top Christmas trees that are no taller than 90 cm can be considered, just to add some festive cheer to these areas you spend most time in.

Now that we have shortlisted some locations, here are some tips to help you be able to further lock in on the location:

Does it Stand Out?

The Christmas tree should be the main feature of the space. Whether or not it is the centre or a corner, is it the first or main thing you would notice?

Power Source Availability

Is this location near a power source that you can use for your LED lights? Would anyone trip on the wires while walking, or would the wires be concealed?

Actual Available Space

Are you able to temporarily shift some furniture without having the space to look makeshift, so that you can accommodate to a broader Christmas tree?


Would it be in the way of playful children? Or would it cause passageways to be too narrow for the elderly to comfortably pass through?

Step 3: Measure Your Space the Correct Way


Now that you have chosen the location you would like to have your Christmas tree set up at, it is time to make some measurements.

For the width: Measure the maximum possible space in terms of length and breadth on your floor. Allow a buffer of 10 to 15 cm per side as you would not want your tree to look too squashed. For example, if the space you have allocated for your tree measures at 1.5×1.5 metres, you should get a tree that has a diameter of 1.2 metres at maximum.

Fun tip: If you do not have a measuring tape and need to make a decision on Christmas tree size immediately, the typical square shaped tiles in your HDB flats and condominiums are usually 60×60 cm.

For the height: Measure the height from your floor to your ceiling. Provide an allowance of at least 30 cm if you intend to put a star tree topper. For example, if your ceiling height is 8 ft (240 cm), then the max height of a tree you should get is a 7 ft (210 cm) one.

Fun tip: HDBs typically have an 8 ft (240 cm) ceiling height, and the ceilings of condominiums usually range from 260 to 280 cm. A landed property usually has a ceiling height of more than 280 cm. Do note if you have a false ceiling installed, your ceiling height could be lower than the common heights we’ve just described

 Step 4: Choosing the Correct Height and Width

Abaco (Ultra Wide and Dense) Hyper Realistic Giant Needle Pine Artificial Christmas Tree



Want a particular tree but its width is still too broad for your space? Consider physically trimming the tree with shearers or a pair of scissors, or simply do not open them up so much as you shape your tree during your Christmas tree set up.

5 ft trees can be used for small spaces.

6 ft and 7 ft trees that are slim such as the Renato and Silverado, can be used for small spaces with higher ceilings.

The other 6 ft and 7 ft trees that are broader can be used in living room, dining area, and entryway.

Have the luxury of space? Always choose the largest tree that your space can accommodate. The tree will serve as an ultra grand display and it will look spectacular in your Christmas photos!

Step 5: Consider Important Factors


Extra space for photos, presents, decorations, and accessories: Our guideline is to provide a 10-15 cm buffer on top of the width of your tree. However, if you wish to crowd your tree with Christmas presents at its base, or surround it with standing decorations, or place your tree on a Christmas tree skirt, then more space would be needed.

Extra space for photo-taking: Your Christmas tree will be the centre of attention in your home, especially when guests visit. Ensure that enough space is set aside for your family and friends to pose with the tree!

Ample storage space: In each Christmas tree product page, the size of the carton is given. The dimensions of these cartons range from 28x28x100 cm to 40x40x100 cm. Should this be too chunky for you, consider re-packing the tree so that different sections of the tree are packed into different bags / boxes. Alternatively, try out our versatile Christmas tree Storage Bag.

We hope this guide has helped you in selecting the size of your Christmas tree and where to put it at in your home. Shop now to browse our large selection, we have something beautiful and special for every home. Want to learn more? Visit our blog, or check out our Ultimate Christmas Tree Buyers Guide.

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