The Most Realistic Christmas Trees in Singapore


  • Douglas Fir
  • Noble Fir
  • Balsam Fir
  • Giant Needle Pine
  • Cashmere Pine

Masons Home Decor takes spectacular pride in designing and constructing the most realistic artificial Christmas trees ever seen. With our FirTECT™ technology, we take inspiration from the most popular and premium real Christmas trees and mimic their structure, shape, texture, colour, and other characteristics, in the most hyper realistic way possible.

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Douglas Fir

ariana douglas fir by masons home decor christmas tree singapore 1

The needles of the Douglas Fir are soft to touch and a dark shade of green. The needles diverge out in all directions from each branch. Each branch usually has a broad base, with a thinner tip. This real-life version of this species requires constant care. If well cared for in an air-conditioned environment, the tree should be able to hold its needles and survive for more than 3 weeks. This version of course, would last you forever.

Also available in a slim version: Douglas Fir Slim

Hyper Realistic Score: 10/10


Noble Fir

aramanta noble fir by masons home decor christmas tree singapore 1

The Noble Fir is typically very symmetrical and neat, giving it a perfect conical shape. Just like the Fraser Fir, the branches of this species of tree also extends upwards. Each tip coming out of the branches of a Fraser Fir are usually of varied lengths, giving it a very differentiated look as compared to other species of real Christmas trees.

Hyper Realistic Score: 10/10


Balsam Fir

The Balsam Fir is one of the bestsellers of Masons Home Decor. It is the widest tree available, with branches that extend upward and outward. It is extremely dense, and looks fantastic displayed with minimum ornaments. But it’s still a suitable choice to be decorated with ornaments if that’s your preference. The needles and branches of this tree are soft to the touch, making it an excellent kid-friendly choice.

Hyper Realistic Score: 10/10


Scotch Pine (Giant Needle Pine)

We call this the Giant Needle Pine to further emphasise to customers how identical our version of the Scotch Pine is to the actual real-life version. Retailers usually sell their rendition of the pine tree with a much shorter pine, making it look cheap, and not very identical to the actual real-life tree at all.

Hyper Realistic Score: 10/10


Cashmere Pine

The Cashmere Pine is a different type of pine tree with needles that are soft to the touch. Most families shun away from the previously mentioned Scotch Pine/Giant Needle Pine because they feel that their children may be pricked by the branches. Hence, we have come up with a softer version. The term Cashmere suggests that despite its prickly appearance, this tree as soft as Cashmere fabric when you touch it.

Hyper Realistic Score: 10/10


A good Christmas tree is hard to come by, and we have already introduced you just 5 of what we have to offer. If you would like to see these trees in real life to compare them with your previous real life Christmas trees, head down to our showroom! Want to learn more? Visit our blog.


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