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Pine Cones (Pack of 6)


$29.90 $4.00
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stunning realism, highest quality

Arenaria FirTect Christmas Fir Branch from Masons Home Decor


Crafted with utmost care to ensure maximum durability and ultra realistic FirTECT branches and foilage.

Our trees are also constructed with the covereted automatic Easy-Open hinges for hassle-free assembly. 

hyper realistic tree

hyper dense christmas tree

ariostea alpine christmas tree masons home decor


From S$69.90, transform your home into a Christmas Wonderland with our dense Christmas trees.

Our trees come in the perfect shade of green to bring about an ultra premium effect.

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Perfect for All Apartments – The Slim Tree



Space constraint is a real problem in any home. The Altaeco, regardless of height, will fit well literally in any home. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting a tall tree despite not having the space! (Order now to secure the best rates!)

Abaco Giant Pine Christmas Tree

Giant Needle Pine Christmas Tree

Available only from 16 November 2017


A model launched during Christmas 2016 that has been a huge corporate hit. The ABACO features ultra realistic needle tips that accurately replicates that of a live tree. 


Amazzonia Christmas Tree - Artificial Cashmere Pine Christmas Tree by Masons Home Decor Singapore

The King Cashmere

Available only from 16 November 2017


Our hyper realistic Cashmere Pine Christmas tree, the AMAZZONIA, has been an amazing success ever since its launch. Place this in the middle of your home and wow your guests this Christmas!



say no to lousy christmas trees

Avoid Product Misrepresentation

Shopping online is usually an amazing experience.

However, nothing can be more heart crushing than being sent a product that looks nothing like its product image. 

Always ensure that you are allowed access to actual ‘live’ images taken from the mobile phone of a camera, or simply drop by our store. 

the masons promise

We Guarantee Satisfaction

A lot is invested to ensure that every order is fulfilled as promised.

Our friendly team will be more than glad to entertain you with manually taken and actual live images.

We have mentioned that we dare say our Christmas Trees are the best in Singapore. You should be the judge! 

what can you expect from masons home decor?


Promised Quality

Our Christmas Trees are very dense, have an extremely durable structure, and of a very realistic shade of green. 


Value for Money

Our premium grade trees are economically priced below the market average, and we do have budget ones too.



Apart from Christmas Trees, we sell ornaments such as Christmas Tree Lights, Baubles, and other assorted decorations.


Trust & Fulfilment

We are the experts in this industry. Providing excellent trees is nothing if we do not deliver it to you as promised! 

experiencing firtect & easy open

Christmas Tree Set Up Guide Step 6 - Experiencing Easy-Open
Christmas Tree Set Up Guide Step 7 - Easy-Open Hinges!
easy assembly and increased durability

Each branch is hinged to the solid centre structure. Hold it in an upright position for everything to fall into place!

All that is left to do is to shape your Christmas Tree to perfection.


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Balsam Baubles

Selling Out Fast!

$19.90 $14.90
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Nordique Baubles

Selling Out Fast!

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Masons Home Decor, (Christmas department formerly knowned as Christmas Tree Singapore) are the experts in delivering to you amazing and top quality artificial Christmas Trees, Christmas Ornaments, and Christmas Decorations at the greatest value. We have trees that range from the favourite traditional designs to those that are hyper realistic.

At Masons Home Decor (Christmas Tree Singapore), we are extremely delighted to be able to play a small role in making your Christmas a magical one. These Christmas Trees have the stunning ability to transform the atmosphere in your home to become a Christmas wonderland!

As most people only hunt for such supplies once a year, we have prepared a set of frequently asked questions that may aid you in your process to manufacture your Christmas Wonderland!

Does Christmas Tree Singapore provide Delivery Services?

YES! As long as your order contains a Christmas Tree, delivery is S$10.00 per order or location.

We offer 2 time slots for delivery, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. We do not deliver on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

If you wish to receive your tree at a more specific timing, you may do so via self-collection at our office located at 39A Jln Pemimpin, Halycon Building, Singapore 577183. Do what’s app 93844885 to make an appointment upon arrival.

What are the differences among all 6 types of Christmas Trees from Christmas Tree Singapore?

AAMER – Basic Canadian Pine Christmas Tree:

Very similar to the artificial Christmas Trees you see on the shelf at your departmental stores.The Aamer is an entry level Christmas Tree. It is not as dense as all of our other trees. Prices begin from only S$14.90 for the 1.5 metre Aamer.

ALTAECO – Slim Colorado Pine Christmas Tree:

This tree is perfect for any apartment or home with space limitations. Dense yet slim, get ready to transform even the most cluttered of spaces into a a magical Christmas Wonderland!

ARIOSTEA – Premium Traditional Christmas Tree:

Very similar to the artificial Christmas Trees you see on the shelf at your departmental stores. Just that, our trees are engineered to be denser with more branches and possess very beautiful shades of green.

ARENARIA – Ultra Realistic Balsam Fir Christmas Tree:

Insanely dense and amazingly realistic. No amount of words can describe the beauty of this tree. While the prices of the Arenaria really steep, it definitely deserves your attention (since you are already here!)

ABACO – Giant Pine Chirstmas Tree Christmas Tree:

Possesses pine needle like leaves. While we personally feel all trees at Masons Home Decor look perfect even without decorations, a couple of pine cones in the Abaco would bring the word ‘majestic’ to life!

AMAZZONIA – Cashmere Pine Chirstmas Tree:

There is a reason why our Cashmere Pine Christmas Tree is nicknamed ‘King Cashmere’. Hyper realistic, top quality, and stunningly beautiful. Our customers seldom consider for long before eventually securing the Amazzonia!


How should I choose my tree? Are your images real? May I view the tree before purchase?

For a detailed read on how to select your tree, do check out this article, how to select your Christmas tree!

Basically, you should pic a location in your house whereby the Christmas Tree may be seen more prominently and that it is not too hidden. Take note of the height of the ground to the ceiling and provide allowance of at least 20 cm for a tree topper!

All of our images are 100% real. While the main product image is edited for the background to be as pure as possible, the subsequent images show images taken by an iPhone 6s Plus.

You may drop by to view the trees. However, the ones we have on display are all in the height of 1.5 m. We are located at New Industrial Road (1 km aqay from Bartley MRT) We would strongly urge you to contact us via email at and we can snap for you photographs of our Christmas trees on the spot!

If trees from Masons Home Decor are so premium, why are they priced so cheap and affordably?

Our Christmas Trees are German designed, but assembled in a very trusted and reliable factory in China. The technology of FirTECT ™ ensures that all trees are extremely dense and beautiful. We have our own team of labourers, engineers, and technicians. We ensure that our machinery are always at the highest levels of technological advancement to ensure that we can maintain excellent quality despite having mega production volumes.

How should I purchase my Ornaments and Lights?

Our lights are 10 m in length. Each string of lighting is enough for a 1.5 m tree. You will need an extra set of lights for the 1.8 m version, and another additional set for the 2.1 m version. Our Christmas Tree lights are certified for use in Singapore and are certified by the necessary credentials.

Is setting up the Christmas Tree easy?

YOU BET! It is not only easy, but an amazing activity for the family. Ensure that you spread out all branches to achieve the best effect!

What is the earliest date of delivery?

For all orders, kindly check out the individual product page of your product of interest for the earliest date of delivery.

We hope this has been super informative! Not found what you are looking for? Contact us now at!