8 ft Warm Theme Ornament Bundle

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All ornaments in this bundle are at a further 15% OFF already discounted rates! 

Enjoy fuss free shopping without having to add ornaments to your cart one by one, when you shop these premium bundles.

Upon arrival of your delivery, decorate your tree with your phone in one hand!

  • Ornament premium bundle does not come with a Christmas tree.
  • Tree in the image is the 7 ft Abaco Giant Needle Pine Christmas Tree.
  • Ornaments in this bundle should fill up half to two thirds of the tree.
  • Substitution Policy: Some items already unavailable may be substituted with aesthetically similar products of similar or higher product value.


Palline Baubles - Red

24 pieces of baubles per box


Fancy Festive Bauble × 2

4 pieces of baubles per box

$14.37 each

In stock

Aaron Bauble - Deep Red × 2

12 pieces of baubles per box

$16.07 each

In stock

Sansa Christmas Tree Ribbon × 10

$12.67 each

In stock

Poinsettia Bunch × 2

$13.52 each

In stock

Pine Tree Pick × 10

$4.59 each

In stock

Alpi Star Tree-Topper (Gold or Silver)


Luci di Natale - Christmas Tree String Light × 4

Warm White

Only 19 left in stock

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