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  • Hyper Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree
  • 5 Minute Set-Up and Tear Down
  • Free Same Day Delivery for Orders >$200
  • Made to Last a Lifetime
  • Early-Bird Ends Tomorrow

15,000+ 5 Star Reviews on Google

The Umberto Hyper Realistic Short Pine Christmas tree is perfect for anyone who loves the holiday season, this super realistic Umberto short pine Christmas tree is the perfect decoration for your home. Combine this with artificial white lights and make your home a Christmas paradise. Pick amazing ornaments from our wide collection to make this tree really pop.

6 ft:
Width: 105 cm
Tips: 1320
Density: Ultra Dense and Wide

8 ft:
Width: 140 cm
Tips: 2180
Density: Ultra Dense and Wide

Did you know? The Umberto has at least 15% more tips and is much more darker than most, if not all of our competitors.

Don’t trust what you see online? Drop by our showroom whenever you can, or, check out just some of our real reviews right below.

Do ensure you have sufficient space to accommodate to the width of the tree. Refunds and exchanges are not allowed.

Manufactured with FirTect Technology, the you can expect the following:

  • Scroll all the way below to see full dimensions of Christmas tree & packaging, and all other important details.
  • Easy-Open Branches – Say goodbye to manually bending out the branches!
  • Highly Durable – Not bending the branches means lesser chance for wear and tear.
  • Perfect Shade of Colour – Christmas Trees that are of a lighter green often look cheap.
  • Extreme Density – See number of tips per tree below
  • Iron Base Stand (Plastic base stand only for the 5 ft Ariostea Christmas Tree)
  • 100% Accurate Photography

Delivery Information

  • Delivery is FREE for all orders above $200, and charged at $7.90 for orders below $200.
  • You may choose your preferred delivery date and time slot at Checkout.
  • Delivery Days: Every day, inclusive of public holidays
  • Delivery Time Slots: 10 am to 5 pm, 7 pm to 10 pm

Showroom Information

  • Showroom and Self-Collection Address: 5 Pereira Road, #04-01, Asiawide Industrial Building
  • Operating Days: Every day, inclusive of public holidays
  • Operating Hours: 11 am to 8 pm
  • Parking fees may apply depending on the duration of your visit.

Size of TreeNumber of BaublesNumber of Tree Picks and SpraysNumber of Lights
5 feet (1.5 m)1 box of Palline Baubles (24 pieces) as infill baubles
1 to 2 box of accent/designer baubles
1 to 2 designs
4 to 6 pieces each design
1 cable of 10 metres
6 feet (1.8 m)1 box of Palline Baubles (24 pieces) as infill baubles
2 to 3 boxes of accent/designer baubles
2 to 3 designs
4 to 6 pieces each design
2 cables of 10 metres
7 feet (2.1 m)1 box of Palline Baubles (24 pieces) as infill baubles
3 to 4 boxes box (4 to 6 pieces) of accent/designer baubles
3 to 4 designs
4 to 6 pieces each design
3 cables of 10 metres
8 feet (2.4 m)1 to 2 box of Palline Baubles (24 pieces) as infill baubles
4 to 6 boxes of accent/designer baubles
4 to 6 designs
4 to 6 pieces each design
4 cables of 10 metres
10 feet (3.0 m)2 boxes of Palline Baubles (24 pieces) as infill baubles
6 to 8 boxes of accent/designer baubles
6 to 8 designs
6 to 8 pieces each design
6 cables of 10 metres
12 feet (3.6 m)3 boxes of Palline Baubles (24 pieces) as infill baubles
8 to 10 boxes of accent/designer baubles
8 to 10 designs
6 to 8 pieces each design
8 cables of 10 metres

Masons home decor

Infill Baubles


In this example, we have decided to use Palline Baubles in Blue and Silver. 

Infill baubles are important as they are an economical and appropriate way  to fill up the tree. 

1 box of Palline is usually enough, but you need 2 if you want 2 base colours.

Masons home decor

Accent/Designer Baubles


We used our Perla Tiffany Blue, Cosmo Blue, and Silver Snowflake Baubles. 

Accent Baubles are essential to help your tree look much more 'WOW' in accordance with your festive identity. 

Be careful not to overuse too much variety!

Tree Picks and Sprays


Tree picks are small ornaments you stuff into the tree, as seen in the photo.

Tree Picks and Sprays


In this tree, we have used 3 types of tree picks and sprays, to acheive this final look.

Example of Products Mentioned Above:

palline baubles by masons christmas

Infill Baubles: Palline Baubles

Single coloured
8 cm per piece
24 pieces per package

Accent/Designer Baubles

Designer and fancy

6 to 10 cm per piece
Usually 4/6/12 pieces per package

magnolia tree pick orangerustic pick red - christmas ornaments by masons home decor singapore

Tree Sprays

Large sprays you stuff into the tree
15 cm per piece onwards
Usually sold singly

Tree Picks

Mini picks you stuff into the tree
Small in size (palm size)
Usually sold singly


FAQ / Resource Area

Contents: Christmas Tree Planning | Setting Up | Decorating | Dismantling and Storage

Setting Up

Set Up Your Tree in 5 Minutes

A step by step guide on how to set up your tree. Video included.

Tree Set Up Guide

The first video is the full comprehensive video. The following videos are extremely short excerpts of the first video.

How to Set Up Your Tree

Setting Up Your Base Stand

Shaping Your Christmas Tree

Shaping the Head of the Tree

Easy-Open Hinged Branches

Decorating Your Tree

Simple Tree Decorating Guide


A useful step by step pictorial guide on how you should go about each type of ornament. For example, did you know that you must first coil the lights around your tree before anything else?

Decorating Guide

Decorate Like a Pro


We provide an explanation of the different types of ornaments that exists, how to gauge how many you need to buy, and a step by step guide on how to decorate. Video included.

The Ultimate Guide

The first video is the full comprehensive video. The following videos are extremely short excerpts of the first video.

How to Decorate Your Tree

Setting Up Star Tree Topper

How to Hang Lights

Setting Up Christmas Tree Skirt

Setting Up Christmas Tree Collar

Dismantling and Storage

The first video is the full comprehensive video. The following videos are extremely short excerpts of the first video.

Dismantling and Storage

Dismantling Tree Only

Closing up the Head of the Tree

Closing Up Your Tree

How to Use the Storage Bag

Why you need to get the Umberto Christmas Tree

Hyper Realistic and Ultra Dense Foliage: The Umberto perfectly mimics the real Short Pine Christmas tree, also known as the Jersey Pine from America. The Umberto is at least 15 to 30% more tips than similar looking trees in the market. When properly set up, you will not even be able to see through the tree

Perfect Shade of Green: We use a special patented technology to achieve a dark shade of green that enables the tree to look much darker than other alternatives in the market.

Lowest Price Guarantee: For the quality and density of this tree, we dare say the Umberto is the best priced tree

Versatility: Suitable for any type of decorations theme. Whether you wish to flood this tree with ornaments or keep it minimal, or whether you wish for a warm or cool theme, anything looks perfect with this

FirTECT Easy-Open Branches: Enables set up to be extremely easy with our hinged branches

Durable and Reliable: Manufactured to last a lifetime

Delivery: We offer same day delivery of this tree, and it is free for purchases over $200. Otherwise, it is just $7.90 per order.

Clueless on how to decorate? Try our Premium Bundles!

Premium bundles are ormanent only product bundles, specially put together by our Award-Winning Christmas tree designers. Add a bundle to your Christmas tree purchase and have this look in the centre of your space this Christmas!

View all Premium Ornament Bundles

View All Premium Ornament Bundles

Avoiding Product Misrepresentation

Expectations versus reality has been a huge issue in terms of online shopping across all industries. Request from our hotlines actual product photos, or drop by our showroom to view the actual trees. Alternatively, you could check out our roaring reviews!

Image displayed by online seller

Actual reality

Happy Customers, Real Reviews

Packaging and Dimensions

Setting Up and Decorating Your Tree

Setting up your tree only takes 5 minutes, and decorating it really depends on how extensive you wish it to be. Regardless the case, we've got you covered with these useful links below:

Christmas Tree Set Up Guide

Christmas Tree Decorating Guide


5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet

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  2. This tree indeed feels hyper realistic, feels real! and so true to picture. Great buy!!


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