8 ft Grand Champagne Theme Ornament Bundle

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We have come up with this premium Grand Champagne themed Christmas tree decoration theme for your hassle free Christmas tree planning and ordering. Decorate your tree with the picture of this product in hand, and you will be having a close set up of this right in the centre of your home!

  • Ornament premium bundle does not come with a Christmas tree. Add on a Christmas tree later.
  • All ornaments in this Grand Champagne Themed Bundle are discounted specially for this bundle.
  • Tree used in the image is the Abaco Hyper Realistic Long Needle Pine Alpine Christmas Tree.
  • Ornaments handpicked for this bundle should fill up two thirds of the tree. Please note that we have substituted some already unavailable items with ornaments that are very aesthetically similar. Therefore, the image is not a 100% representation, but a 95% indication of what you will achieve in your set up.

$990.30 $413.37

Palline Baubles - Red

24 pieces of baubles per box


Blaire Baubles - Gold × 2

Ever had a time when you couldn't decide if you wanted your bauble shiny or golden? Well, now you have both. Blair baubles come in shades of silver and red with the same shiny theme. It is the only thing missing from your Christmas list right now.

Dimensions: 8cm (diameter)

Surface: Glittery and Shiny

Available colours: Gold and Red

Packaging: 4 per box

$20.90 $11.82 each

In stock

Magnolia Artificial Flower - Gold × 12

$22.90 $9.27 each

In stock

Coin Leafy String × 5

$65.90 $27.97 each

In stock

Pine Tree Pick × 12

$12.90 $4.59 each

In stock

Alpi Star Tree-Topper (Gold or Silver)


Luci di Natale - Christmas Tree String Light × 4

Warm White